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Kính lặn Aqualung Sphera X

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Over many years of legacy for the SPHERA, AquaLung`s design team carefully studied the specifics of freediving equipment and researched the optimization for this low-volume mask. With the input of professional freedivers, successful technologies used in other AquaLung masks have been used and combined with the most suitable skirt shapes and frame characteristics.
For 2020, AquaLung is proud to introduce a total new SPHERA X mask that features a new silicone skirt material and shape geometry, an attractive lightweight frame structure, and an easy-to-adjust micro buckle system.
The SPHERA X comes in a heavy-duty zippered EVA Case, not only to protect the Plexisol® lenses but also to reduce PVC plastic waste.



  • 180° distortion-free panoramic vision thanks to the exclusive Curved Lens Technology
  • Plexisol® lenses with special anti-fog and anti-scratch benefits
  • UVA/UVB protection
  • Advanced Fit Technology (AFT) enhancing the sealing features of the silicone skirt, improving fit, comfort and feel
  • Easy adjustable buckle system
  • An innovatively shaped strap better forms to the diver’s head, increasing comfort and provides a more secure fit
  • Attractive heavy-duty EVA box with corrosion-free zipper.
Mặt nạ với tròng nhẹ và cho tầm nhìn tốt.
- Mặt nạ được nhiều thợ lặn tự do ưa thích.
- Tầm nhìn 180°.
- Tròng kính Plexisol và lớp phủ chống sương mù
- Chống tia cực tím 100%.
- Dễ dàng điều chỉnh khóa.
- Lớp phủ chống trầy xước.
Chuyên dành cho thợ lặn Freedive

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